Ethos [​ˈēTHäs]: The characteristic spirit, essence or attitudes of a community, people or system, etc. (from the Greek éthos; nature, disposition). The Greeks also used this word to refer to the power of music to influence emotions, behaviours and even morals.

Myth [miTH]: A traditional narrative usually involving supernatural or imaginary persons and embodying popular ideas on natural or social phenomenon, etc. (from Greek mythos; story).

We are deeply inspired by nature and driven by a sense of adventure.  By designing jewelry, we strive to beneficially influence our community;  when we create a product, our energy is transferred into our object and consequently to you, our customer. Therefore, we are very conscious of what we put into our creation, as the strength and power of the metal and stones harness this energy and amplify it. Our designs are not simply meant to be beautiful pieces of jewelry; they are symbols of the beautiful energy that lives within each and every one of us.


Ethos Myth Design is a collective of designers motivated by the same ethos and driven to write their own narrative. Believing in the power of our thoughts, we purposefully create functional pieces to enhance your daily experiences and give you an abundance of love, creativity, positivity and quality. By using sustainable production methods, we honour the environment and add a unique value to our community.


Our products are not just designed to compliment you as an individual, we want you to realize that you are exceptional! Wear our jewelry as a constant reminder to enjoy the good times of this wonderful journey we call life. We invite you to join our community, for as we evolve, so will the diversity of our designs and products.

Enjoy the moment.

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