Gold is an element, Au, and has a hardness of 2.5 to 3. Its creation as red, yellow or white gold is dependent upon which alloys are present, that is the proportion of other metals such as copper, silver, brass and platinum. Pure gold has a specific gravity of 19.3, making it one of the heaviest minerals. This attributes to the materials sinking to the bottom where it can be panned out and discovered. The crystal system within this metal is isometric, meaning is equal in all three dimensions and the crystals form in a variety of orientations, such as octahedral, dodecahedral and cubic.

Gold is the most malleable and ductile material; it can be easily worked and can also be rolled out to a layer only 0.0001 mm thick. From one gram of gold, one can make a wire with a length of over 150 meters and gold is, with only one exception, resistant to acid and does not oxidise. As far as the history of man dates back, gold has served to heal and provide a metal from which jewelry can be made and has not lost its value in the course of thousands of years. Today, gold's main usage is in jewelry, however, a smaller amount is used in electrical engineering, machine construction and in space travel, as the metal is an excellent conductor of electricity. 

There is hardly any other precious stone or metal, which as been so steeped in legend or which has been so fought over as gold. Gold has been, not only the most important metal used in jewelry, but it has also been considered for many thousands of years as being a standard of value for wealth and health. No other metal symbolizes power as much as gold. For many peoples, gold brought them into direct contact with the gods and the warming, pure energy of the sun. Not only the Incas, but also the Egyptians and the Romans valued gold as the most divine of all metals. 

Gold is present in the body as a trace element which promotes the functioning of the organisms. It has very gently healing effects and therefore is very supportive in combination with other precious stones and healing stones. When carried on the body, it accompanies the body in the course of life and gives protection against the early appearance of signs and ageing because gold is believed to delay organic decline. Further, gold is also a "healing stone", that makes the nervous system more supple, so that the flow of information can advance without any obstacles from the brain to the organs and extremities.

Gold is believed to strengthen the self-confidence of the wearer and symbolizes wealth and well-being. Diligence, faithfulness and love are qualities which can directly be achieved with gold. Please note, however, that gold which has been worked should always be worn in combination with precious stones, since pure gold not only upsets the character of a person, but it can also destroy it. People who are arrogant, or who are obsessed with power, can even become coarse and very possessive by using the powers of gold. 

With its gentle oscillations, gold penetrated very deep in all chakras. It brings light and opens more new ways into our hearts. When charged under the sun, gold becomes a very vibrant bundle of energy. 

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