Concretely Harmonic

In our concrete playground, inspiration can be found in the spaces between.


This concept is inspired by the geometry found in our concrete playground, symbolizing deep roots of an organic nature.  Taking fundamental shapes from chemistry, physics, and architecture we have developed a variety of designs intended to spark curiosity and harmonic living in our ever changing environment requires a presence of reflective awareness. 

Time and space are relatively experienced by all individuals, consequently, we are constantly making small decisions that project our future into existence. Imagine, the creation of your reality through every movement that you make. Many of the geometries seen throughout the collection are inspired by our concrete playground, symbolizing deep roots of an organic nature. One can see fundamental shapes from chemistry, physics and biology throughout our urban architecture. Therefore, this collection is inspired by our present state of the globe with a desire to bring attention to the power of the individual harmonically connecting with their community and environment. Our interactions with ourselves and our environment immediately affects not only our present, but our future. Awareness is brought to our movements when we wear a particular piece of jewelry, which provokes another dimension of consciousness. (These hand crafted collection of body accessories is intended to amplify one's awareness of the present; attention to the unique details of each sculpted piece of metal increases one's awareness of the moment.) We aspire to amplify the wearer's energy. 

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