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Michella Domo was born in Vancouver, BC of Jamaican, Greek and Italian descent. The mixture of cultures has given her the ability to view things from various perspectives and to live with passion.

A creative at heart, Michella Domo finds inspiration in the mysteries that lay all around her. Her curiosity to explore, travel, discover and learn, leads her on a path of adventure, which she expresses through her creations. Fuelled by an intrinsic curious nature, she designs and manufactures jewelry, metal structures and mechanisms. 


Her fascination to discover how society works led Michella into the studies of International Relations. With a deeper understanding of the politics of it all, she turned to the School of Energy at BCIT, where she studied Mechanical Engineering and graduated with her Diploma in 2016. Now, she directs her acquired knowledge of humanity and the sciences to create products that will inspire others. From the heart, through instrument and into reality, Michella plants seeds of positivity through her creations.

Michella Domo

Stephen grew up in Switzerland and always had the dream of becoming either an astronaut or an inventor. His curiosity for nature, physics and discovering the unknown facilitated his imagination.

After graduating high-school, his passion for creativity led him into an apprenticeship in automation engineering, where he improved his skill-sets in design and manufacturing.

Thereafter, in order to gain a better understanding of business and economy, Stephen attended the Zurich University of Applied Sciences, where he graduated with an International Business Degree.

In co-founding Ethos Myth Design, Stephen aims to create a lifestyle of freedom and harmony. Travel and adventure are his major sources of inspiration and spur his imagination for creation. His designs are functional and invite the observer to embark on a journey of imagination.  

stephen klyne

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